Smile is a sign of self-confidence and sincerity, so do not let the emotional complexities hinder you because of the lost tooth and rely on modern dentistry! Today, for all those who are complex due to imperfect smile, we suggest choosing the most advanced and best way to lose lost teeth - dental implantation and prosthetics, which will cost you 39% in Vilnius Dental Clinic cheaper!

The clinic carries out all kinds of dental procedures: therapeutic and endodontic dentistry, implantation, prosthetics, prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases, aesthetic filling of teeth, professional oral hygiene, teeth whitening. Avoid dental pain, enjoying a beautiful smile will help you dental doctors who provide high-quality and safe odontologic services, working with highly qualified certified materials in the cabinet.

Porcelain laminates are fine porcelain lids (up to 0.3 - 0.5 mm in thickness). They are multi-layered, light-conductive, cemented on the outer surface of the teeth. This is one of the alternatives to aesthetic filling.

  • Thanks to them you can change the color of the teeth, shape, hide the teeth stains. Most often, porcelain laminates are used to prosthetic the front teeth. Aesthetic look and durability far outstrip the result of photo-polymer seals.
  • Microprotection requires a doctor's diligence, experience, artistic taste. Just two to three visits are enough and your smile will be like the smile of the movie stars.

Porcelain laminates are usually covered with front teeth. If necessary, these plates can be made especially thin - in this case, the teeth will be polished as little as possible. This tool is very effective and advisable when:

  • the shape of the front teeth and the position of the ankle are irregular;
  • Changes in the color of the front teeth (dead or fluorosis, tetracycline damaged teeth);
  • wide, non-aesthetic spaces between the teeth (diastoms);
  • dark teeth pigment that can not be removed by bleaching;
  • trauma when it is necessary to restore part of the tooth that has been washed;
  • insufficient teeth height (low teeth);
  • many untested seals.

The lamina laying procedure helps to achieve the three goals: to achieve the highest possible aesthetic effect of the teeth, color and position of the tooth arch, to reconstruct the hard tooth tissues and to restore the function of the chewing.

Compared to other methods of dental restoration, the advantages of porcelain laminates are indisputable:

  • Porcelain is very good with enamel
  • worn less than combined synthetic laminates or seals (aesthetic sealing);
  • Does not change color and shine;
  • Smooths less tooth tissue than with crowns or sealing;
  • Functions 10-12 years, when seals - 3-8 years;
  • Gum tissues tolerate porcelain well, it does not cause allergies;
  • Even very dark colored teeth can be turned into extremely white;
  • It is not always possible to hide dark teeth in the aesthetic sealing process, as well as seals do not preserve shine;
  • reaches the highest level of aesthetics.

For those who want maximum aesthetic result, specialists recommend choosing porcelain laminates, although they are more expensive than metal ceramic crowns.

It is important to know that porcelain is distinguished by extreme durability, aesthetics, clarity and naturalness.

This is a particularly sustainable method for tooth fabrics. Simple comparison: 63-72% of all tooth crown is healed. dental fabric, and laminates - only from 3 to 30 percent. Porcelain laminates are manufactured individually for each patient in the laboratory, making it almost impossible to separate them from natural teeth.

Laminate-resistant coffee, tea or smoked.

Choosing laminates usually takes 2-3 visits to a dentist. During the first visit teeth are prepared for the procedure. It can take from 1 to 4 hours. During this time, the old restoration is removed, teeth prints are made, porcelain's color and shape are selected. During the second visit laminates are measured, put and cemented.